Practice Areas

We have considerable experience in M & A transactions and in drafting and reviewing of various documents including investment agreements, shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, sale and purchase agreements, loan and other types of financing documents, as well as trusts.

The following is merely a non-exhaustive list of the practice areas to which our firm is engaged:

Corporate & commercial Litigation
Employment Law
European &
Competition Law
Immigration Law
& Citizenship
Intellectual Property
Litigation and Arbitration
Data Protection
Real Estate
Tax Law
Corporate Law/ M&A Transactions
Maritime Law
Trust &
Family Law
Inheritance Law

Our Vision

We aspire through our collective efforts to offer certainty and security in the face of legal uncertainty, provide the right solutions and professional advice to our clients who find themselves in front of novel and complex legal challenges.

Our team’s goal is to represent, defend and protect with enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility our clients’ rights and best interests not only in court of other legal proceedings but also against the legal puzzles and minefields of everyday life.

Our ambition is to continuously develop and evolve our practice, through serving and impressing our clients with our consistently efficient and highly-qualitative work, investing in the growth of, supporting and promoting our team members, meeting new people and associates and fostering with them valuable relationships of cooperation, sharing experience and expertise, and challenging ourselves by moving forward in the vast and ever-changing field of the legal spectrum.

Client Oriented Approach

The center of our focus is servicing the client promptly with efficiency and precision and deliver work of high quality in a timely fashion with zeal and enthusiasm, while being responsive and ready to communicate with our clients so that channels of information are maintained to their full capacity.

We advise based on a commercially-focused, holistic, practical and client-tailored approach, by firstly respectfully, confidentially and with discretion receiving information from our perspective clients, secondly, understanding their individual circumstances, in both commercial and private matters, thirdly, responsibly examining their practical options and legal standing and finally providing comprehensive legal solutions and guiding our clients in making the decisions that are the most suitable and advantageous for them.

We represent and defend our clients with respect and always having in mind their wants and requirements, ready to support their rights and interests and tackle any challenges that the legal system may birth.

Our Team

The Lawyers of our team are client service oriented professionals of high caliber combining profound academic background with deep knowledge of their practice area, dedication and commitment to applying personal and tailored made approach to meet clients’ requirements promptly and with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism.

The Management Team


Managing Partner

Studied law (LLB Honours) at Queen Mary University London and graduated in 2015, took the Civil and Commercial Mediation Training course with ADR Group in London and took title “ADR Group Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator” in 2016, and passes successfully the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and Masters (LLM) in Professional Legal Practice at BPP University of London from which graduated in 2017. He became member of bar association in 2017 and is also a GDPR practitioner.


Senior Associate

Studied Social Work (BSc Honours) at Athens, Greece and graduated in 2008. Then she studied Law (LLB Honours) at the University of London and graduated in 2014. She has also obtained an LLM in International Business Law in 2016. She was admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association in 2015 and has a valuable experience of 9 years in corporate cases.



Studied Law (BSc (Hons)) at University of Cyprus and graduated in 2015. She became a member to the Cyprus Bar Association in 2017.



Studied History and Archaeology (BCs Hons) at the University of Cyprus and graduated in 2010.  Then, she studied Law (LLB Hons) at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom and graduated in 2013.  She was admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association in 2015 and has an experience of 5 years in corporate cases, specializing in the liquidation of companies.

Latest News

Central Registry of Beneficial Owners

Following the Obstruction and Combating Money Laundering Activities Law of 2007-2019 as amended in 2018 voted by the Cyprus Parliament, a legislation which resulted  from the mandatory  4th European AML Directive (EE 2015/849) for the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering activities or for the financing of terrorism, we would like to inform you that the Cyprus Council of Ministers has appointed recently the Cyprus registrar of Companies as the appropriate governmental department to proceed with the establishment of a central registry of beneficial ownership of companies and other legal entities existing in its records in Cyprus. The collection of all the necessary information will begin on 16/03/2021 on a platform which will be established by then by the registrar and is expected to be completed in the following 6 months.


«Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund»: Το νέο ταμείου επιχορηγήσεων με στόχο τη μεγιστοποίηση των περιουσιακών στοιχείων διανοητικής ιδιοκτησίας μικροεπιχειρήσεων

Η τεράστια σημασία της προστασίας των περιουσιακών στοιχείων διανοητικής ιδιοκτησίας για τις επιχειρήσεις έχει αναγνωριστεί προ πολλού από τον επιχειρηματικό κόσμο. Ωστόσο, πολλές είναι οι επιχειρήσεις οι οποίες, παρόλο που επιθυμούν να προχωρήσουν με την καταχώρηση της προστασίας των περιουσιακών στοιχείων πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας τους, διστάζουν να το πράξουν λόγω του κόστους που θα πρέπει να επωμιστούν. Αυτό ισχύει κυρίως σε σχέση με τις μικρομεσαίες επιχειρήσεις, οι οποίες αποτελούν τη συντριπτική πλειοψηφία του συνόλου των επιχειρήσεων στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση.



We value our associates both for what they are and what they may become. We welcome all those who are restless and remain hungry for more experiences and success. The expectations are high and the challenges can be many and at the same time we appreciate and are more than willing to reward hard work and dedication and are glad to offering support, train and invest in our team. After all a firm cannot worth more than the sum of the value of each of its members.

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